Jo Ledingham, Theatre Critic – joledingham.ca

“Jen Gfeller was recommended to me by Zoe Grams at ZG Communications when my website needed repair, restoration and updating. Initially uncertain as to how extensive I wanted the changes to be, I found Jen to be extremely patient and helpful throughout the process, offering me advice and support on a continuing basis. She responded extremely quickly – often immediately – to my many, many emails requesting alterations and fine-tuning. Her response to my frequent query – “Can you do this?” was always, without exception, “Yes.” And then she did it!

I am extremely happy with the result and feel that I can – and will – call on her for continuing advice even now the project has been completed.”

Carra Simpson, freelance administrator for Page Two Strategies and Vipassana Metta Foundation, former Publishing Operations Manager, Greystone Books

“Jen Gfeller is an invaluable asset to any project she supports. I have managed many projects and worked with many freelancers over the past decade, Jen is one of the best. She delivers quick replies, clear explanations, and the going above and beyond that only the very best and most conscientious professionals do. Without having met Jen in person, I feel a sense of rapport and trust in her “being there” when needed, no matter who many miles away. 10 stars!”

Holly Duff, Director, Westcoast Chamber Music

“Jen Gfeller has been managing our website for West Coast Chamber Music for about 5 years.

She came to us on high recommendation from another organization. She helped us develop the site to one which was much more professional looking and visually appealing than it had been before, and much easier to use. Navigators can smoothly find their way around the site now and find the information they need quickly. She has given us helpful advice as to where and how to display new information and postings along the way. She has a good artistic eye, and knows what works.

Jen is also incredibly easy to work with. She replies to emails promptly, answers all questions, and does requested work in short order. I highly recommend her services.”

Jessica Sullivan, Creative Director, Figure 1 Publishing

“I have worked with Jen Gfeller on a number of projects, all with great results. She always works above and beyond to make the fine details exactly as desired. I appreciate her overall attention to detail, friendly problem solving skills and ability to meet deadlines.”

Jennifer Webb, Insomnia Writing + Editing for Business & the Arts

“It’s been absolutely great working with Jen. Together with designer Jessica Sullivan, she’s created a website for me that is beautiful, functional, and fun, works on all platforms, and is easy enough for me to update myself. Jen is knowledgeable, thorough, responsive to questions and ideas, and works through any challenges with grace and good humour. She has the perfect combination of expertise and experience, and you’d be lucky to work with her on any web-based project. Can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Mark Ellis, Ellis Metal Detecting Service, Toronto

“I was looking to have my website overhauled, and Jen’s VancouverWebDev business name came up. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to call and ask her advice and opinions on my options.

Within a minute of speaking with her, I knew I had the right person for the job.

From the very first phone call to the completion of my newly designed website, Jen has been a dream to work with..!!

She’s very friendly, intuitive, great at what she does and she’s also has a fantastic sense of humour.

Why can’t all services be like this..??

Needless to say, I’m very happy with the product Jen produced for me and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Thank you so much Jen for all of your great work and patience with me.

I love my new website..!!”

Daniel Dawson, CanadianMetalDetecting.com

“I hired Jen early in 2011 to provide support for my php forum board as I knew nothing.

She came in cold and assessed what needed to be done as the board had not been kept up for over a year.
The first thing required was to upgrade to php 3 then do some custom mods.
The transfer of all the information from the old board to the new one took a few days to sort out but we managed without losing any of the information.

This was a first as previous upgrades had lost features and information.
Jen being a night owl is perfect for support as she does the work late when the board is quiet.

Jen manages our tech needs well and is quick to respond to issues our members have.”

Bill McDuff – Administrator, CMDF

“Just a short note to thank you for your diligent work and good humour on converting the forum to the phpbb3 format. Needless to say it was a rather stressful time for all concerned, ie; members, admin as well as yourself.

However your hard work during the transition period made it a rather painless exercise and I would like to thank you on behalf of the membership.”

Dayne Ziegler, EZ Disposal, Vancouver

“Jen has helped EZ Disposal on several of their ongoing projects and has always been professional and easy to deal with. Not only doing the job at hand but going above and beyond what she was asked to do is why we will continue to use her services.”

Jerome M. Ochitwa, M.A., Briar Canadian Management.

“Jen is brilliant, web savvy, and very professional. You always enjoy working with someone like Jen who is on time, does exactly the job you ask, always, and is always up beat.”