Website Conversions

Converting existing websites to a WordPress format allows the site owner to easily edit, update, add or delete their own content without needing to hire somebody else to do it. This saves costs and provides the comfort of self-reliance.

Being able to change your own content as your company requires allows you to ensure that your information is always up-to-date, giving your audience the information they need to make the correct decision and choose your services.

Design Replication

Whether you are converting an existing site or getting a brand new design, the look and feel you desire will be precisely replicated. Using standards-compliant css and coding, we make sure your site looks exactly as you wish, no matter what device, browser, or screen size the audience may be using.

Designers are frequently frustrated by coders who go missing, lack the experience of working with professional artists, or lack attention to the detail that makes your designs stand out. We have worked with some award-winning designers and consistently achieve the precise replication that is expected. All emails are replied to within 24 hours, and clients are informed well in advance if there is any time we may be delayed in responding, due to holidays or other eventualities.

Consultation during the design process is also encouraged, so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to special features, layout strategies, colours, and graphics for the web.

Code Clean-up

If you have an older site that needs to be brought up to current coding standards, this is also an option. We can go in and clean up any coding errors, update old scripts, and close security vulnerabilities.

Clean-up of infected websites is sometimes necessary on sites that have not been maintained. We can get your files cleaned, scanned, and back in good standing with Google and blacklist monitors. Advice on how to prevent further infection issues is part of this service as well.

Custom Content Management

Not interested in WordPress, or just want a standard, static website? Building straight HTML websites or custom content management systems are also services we provide. Feel free to inquire about what may be most suitable to your needs.


We offer basic Search Engine Optimization, as far as titles, descriptions and Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics integration. Adjustments can be made on a regular basis to help raise your position in the rankings, so you remain competitive in your field. Advice on writing or adjusting your site content to further increase these ratings is also available, as content is key when it comes to SEO.

We only charge for the time we spend performing analysis and making adjustments, so there are no hefty monthly retainer fees associated with our SEO services.

Tech Support and Maintenance

Maintenance is as important with a Website as it is with a vehicle.

As web standards are constantly changing, a site that may have once been fully compliant will not remain so. Hackers are constantly at work, so scripts that were initially secure will also not remain that way. This is why updates are necessary to maintain efficiency and security.

To keep everything running smoothly, avoid any vulnerabilities that may develop over time, and make sure your site remains properly viewable on all devices, we recommend having updates done professionally at least once per year, and all code brought up to current web standards.

We provide full tech support, so if you have questions, problems, or need an alteration, we’re just an email away.